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NASA's DSCOVER Satellite

Every person to see Earth from Space is transformed by witnessing our fragile planet against the backdrop of Space.
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BlueTurn.Earth is a mirror organization based in France and we are thrilled to support them. We can't thank them enough, and everyone involved in this tech, for providing this!

Whole Earth Views

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This is your gateway to a library of real-time images taken a Million miles away from Home. This is unprecedented access to one of the most amazing experiences in human history!


Astronaut Views!

EarthSeeds outreach provides globes, Earth images and interdisciplinary lesson plans for Pre/K to 6th Grade.​ 
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The EarthSeeds Project launches

a fully integrated, educational program using Earth images. We created a cross-curricula team of educators including the Space Foundation, National Science Foundation, NREL, Solar Energy Int’l, & EarthSeeds Teacher Ambassadors. We published a National Standards based Curriculum Guide which taught personal growth, resource ecology, renewable energy and animal stewardship to over two hundred thousand middle schoolers throughout Colorado, across the U.S. and abroad. It’s 150 pages of experiential lessons of conscious living while meeting requirements in most major standardized subjects.


Parent’s Choice Award for

The Astronaut’s Globe! In partnership with Orbis' Earth Ball we distributed the world’s most photo-realistic inflatable globe; made from over 2000 satellite images of Earth from space! You can see coral reefs, deforestation, deserts, lush forests, & actual storms & weather patterns ~ all on a 16″ inflatable beach ball.

a Global Perspective on Sustainability, Education and Citizenship

We live on a living, breathing, interconnected and interdependent planet.

There is a Global View ~ we are not mere passengers on Spaceship Earth


Share with us in celebrating the wonder, diversity, and beauty of our Home.

Astronaut views down to Earth

Preserving & Appreciating our essential common ground. 

Global View raises outreach funding by offering Earth image products that are educational and fun for everyone! Shop To Donate »

Origin Story

Global View Foundation is registered 501(c)3 based in Colorado, USA. 

​​​Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera


Spaceship Earth Foundation is created in Colorado Springs, CO. Focus is spreading Earth Images.


Approved 501(c)3 as Global View Foundation with mission to create educational content & outreach programs.

1999 & 2000

Spearheaded the first two Annual Colorado Springs Earth Day Celebrations​