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What's an EarthSeed?

Any idea, concept, thought, or action inspired by the Whole Earth View that can be planted in the Hearts and Minds of the "Crew of Spaceship Earth" to connect us to a happier, healthier, balanced and sustainable home and culture. 

Our product catalog used to include everything from Earth Flags to stickers, but now we offer the award-winning Astronaut’s Globe (aka The Earth Ball) and The EarthSeeds Curriculum Guide. Contact us for a free review.

What's happening now?

Have you seen the Whole Earth satellite imagery resulting from cutting-edge, modern technology?!

We want to leverage this amazing footage to present the next generation of Astronaut View experiences, and programs for planetary consciousness and experiential learning. Now seeking partners and supporters!

The EarthSeeds Curriculum Kit
National Standards based collection of lesson plans; 150 pgs as Digital Book. This our premier Planet in Every Classroom offering. There is a free 25pg preview and a full collection for purchase $25 donation. See left sidebar for more info. Pre-K through 6th Grade Educational Lesson Plans:
  • Meet Interdisciplinary Standards in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies...
  • Experiential and discovery based lessons for classroom, field work, and at home
  • Uses Crewmember of Spaceship Earth concept to develop self-esteem throughout

Bring Planetary Consciousness Home

Since 1997, Global View Foundation has been developing and distributing Earth image products to serve our mission while providing hundreds-of-thousands of 'Crewmembers of Spaceship Earth' the opportunity to connect to themselves, each other and planet Earth in a meaningful and profound way. 
All product donation revenues give Global View the ability to develop and gift Earth images and educational materials to children and adults around the world.
Earth Image Products!
Right now we only offer Globes & Curriculum Kits. Posters, postcards, stickers, Crewmember patches, Earth Flags, etc. may be available if there is a demand for these product in 2017. 

Please let us know if you're interested in the following items:
  • Earth Flags with a new book about Planetary Consciousness
  • ​A new version of the Astronaut's Globe with updated imagery
  • ​Or is it time to only focus on Apps, animations, & higher tech?

Inspire & Educate

We promote the Whole Earth View to invoke and share this most unique experience in modern human history . . .  gazing at our planet from the vastness of the Universe. 


The EarthSeeds Project launches

a fully integrated, educational program using Earth images. We created a cross-curricula team of educators including the Space Foundation, National Science Foundation, NREL, Solar Energy Int’l, & EarthSeeds Teacher Ambassadors. We published a National Standards based Curriculum Guide which taught personal growth, resource ecology, renewable energy and animal stewardship to over two hundred thousand middle schoolers throughout Colorado, across the U.S. and abroad. It’s 150 pages of experiential lessons of conscious living while meeting requirements in most major standardized subjects.


Parent’s Choice Award for

The Astronaut’s Globe! In partnership with Orbis' Earth Ball we distributed the world’s most photo-realistic inflatable globe; made from over 2000 satellite images of Earth from space! You can see coral reefs, deforestation, deserts, lush forests, & actual storms & weather patterns ~ all on a 16″ inflatable beach ball.

The Astronaut's Globe - Earth Ball
The Original 16" Inflatable Earth Ball made from 2,000 NASA photographs back in 2004. This award-winning educational toy comes with a repair patch and Guidebook / Ruler.

  • Your purchase will fund our outreach programs & is tax-deductible
  • In 2004, this was the most photo-realistic globe ever made! 
  • You can see coral reefs, deforestation, deserts, forests & real weather patterns